Have you ever wondered what scientists see and do on a daily basis? From in front of a computer screen, to a lab on the 13th floor, to (sometimes quite literally) out in the field –  why not take a look through the eyes of a scientist and find out about their ‘view from the lab’?

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I started this blog at the beginning of my undergraduate masters project, when I was full of wonder at how anyone can concentrate on science when you work in a lab on the 12th floor with a wonderful view of Sheffield and some awe inspiring sunsets. I realised that those outside of the research world probably don’t really have an idea of the day-to-day work of a lab and the people inside it. It was also pointed out to me (in a talk by Brady Haran of Numberphile fame) that sometimes the scientists inside the lab don’t appreciate that what they do on a daily basis is pretty darn cool to the outside observer.

The reincarnation of this blog aims to act as a window into the lives and workspaces of scientists by posting photo contributions from scientists. The idea to ask for contributions was born at a ScienceGrrl social, where we realised that the initial idea really had potential to show the world the reality and diversity of what scientists actually see and do on a daily basis.